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Subject: Press release: Condemning Denial of Unfolding Famine in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia


December 31, 2023

Peace and Justice for Tigreans International Condemns the Ethiopian Government’s Denial of Unfolding Famine in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia

Peace and Justice for Tigreans International is gravely concerned about the unfolding humanitarian crisis in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, marked by a severe and escalating famine. The crisis has reached alarming proportions, with millions of lives at stake and reports of widespread starvation and malnutrition. The Tigray Interim Regional Administration has made an official declaration and call for help in it’s statement of December 29, 2023 ‘Statement on the unfolding famine in Tigray’. International humanitarian organization and media have also been reporting on the unfolding famine. More importantly, we have been following closely the situation on the ground from local sources that have reported that over a million people are under severe famine situation with more than a thousand people dying as a result of the famine.

Despite mounting evidence and urgent appeals from humanitarian organizations, the Ethiopian government continues to deny the existence of famine in Tigray, hindering the delivery of much-needed aid to the affected population. PJTI strongly condemns this denial and calls for immediate and unrestricted access for humanitarian organizations to provide assistance to those in dire need.

The Tigray region has been grappling with a complex humanitarian crisis for several years, exacerbated by conflict, displacement, and now, a devastating famine. The denial of the famine by the Ethiopian government is not only a gross violation of the right to food but also impedes efforts to save lives and alleviate the suffering of the affected population.

We urge the Ethiopian government to:

  1. Acknowledge the severity of the famine in Tigray and take immediate action to address the crisis.
  2. Facilitate unrestricted access for humanitarian organizations, allowing them to deliver aid to those in need without hindrance or delay.

We also call up on the  international community and donors to take a swift action to save lives. The world cannot remain silent in the face of this unfolding tragedy, and immediate, coordinated action is needed to prevent further loss of life and alleviate the suffering of the Tigrayan people.

As members of the global community, we agree with the call by the Tigray Interim Regional Administration on the Ethiopian government to prioritize the well-being of its citizens and collaborate with the international community to address the humanitarian crisis in Tigray.

PJTI will continue to work towards the promotion and protection of human rights, justice and peace. Our concern centers on the pressing humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia, especially in the Tigray region, and we urgently request the support of the international community to find mechanisms to respond to the unfolding famine.

With Best Regards,

Peace and Justice for Tigreans International (PJTI), USA