Until recently, information was scarce, but in the last few decades, it has become abundant. With this abundance, misinformation and disinformation have become widespread. We are now seeing a significant increase in the use of information, both positively and negatively, as technology and media consumption advance together. For example, in a peaceful situation, we have witnessed a surge in the use of media information for skewing electoral results; during the war, we have observed how dictators use media to conceal the truth and to disseminate their propaganda to do whatever they want behind closed doors. More than ever before, we have been also witnessing the surge in disinformation and misinformation by repressive governments, such as the Ethiopian regime, in wrecking and inflaming social conflicts and civil war.

The AMN was incepted during this global and local economic and political turmoil. Especially, in the past five years, misinformation, disinformation, and misguided agendas have been at the front and center of the political activities in Ethiopia and Eritrea, and Tigrayan-Americans and African Americans have been at the receiving end of and the primary victims of the havoc and chaos the government media outlets created. AMN is primarily established to address and avert this issue by broadcasting credible and truthful information. That is, we established the AMN to provide truthful, and credible information to the Horn of Africa, Ethiopian, Eritrean, and Tigrayans, who reside in the US and other parts of the world.

AMN began informally in March 2020 with local youths, and it officially became a registered media outlet with license number 902292 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, in September 2020. Gidey Tesfay Gesessew is listed as the license holder for AMN LLC.




The media network, known as Axumawian Media Network (AMN), derives its name from the esteemed Axumite kingdom/empire, reflecting its economic, social, and political civilization. The Axumite Kingdom held significant influence both in Africa and globally. Beyond political and economic advancements, now the people of TIGRAY, by then Axumawian were recognized for their refined social networking and communication skills. Notably, they embraced religious tolerance and the acceptance of diverse beliefs and perspectives. The choice of the name AMN emphasizes the importance of preserving and perpetuating the advancements and civilized values of the Axumite Kingdom in the present day. AMN is committed to upholding these values without bias or discrimination. We believe Restoring Tigray (Axum) civilization is maintaining sustainable peace and stability in the Horn of Africa!


The Axumawian Media Network aims to inform and educate the public about Tigray, an African nation, covering its history, politics, socioeconomic conditions, as well as the origins and progression of the ongoing genocidal war. Additionally, AMN strives to combat misinformation and disinformation worldwide while promoting peace.


The vision of AMN is to become one of the most credible and primary sources of media outlets in the Horn Of Africa by the 2020 Axumawian calendar (2028 G.C).  



The mission of the Axumawian Media Network is to provide comprehensive information and education to the public regarding the Horn of Africa, with a particular emphasis on Ethiopia, Tigray, and Eritrea. This encompasses a wide range of topics including their historical context, political dynamics, and socioeconomic landscape, as well as delving into the origins and evolution of the ongoing conflict in Ethiopia. Moreover, AMN is dedicated to countering misinformation and disinformation on a global scale, all the while advocating for love and peace.


1. Accuracy and Truthfulness
2. Independence and Objectivity
3. Fairness and Balance
4. Respect and Sensitivity
5. Transparency and Accountability
6. Integrity and Trustworthiness
7. Social Responsibility