In the past, information was not easily accessible, but with advances in technology, it has become widely available. However, along with this accessibility, there has been a rise in misinformation and disinformation. This has been evident in the manipulation of electoral outcomes and the use of media for propaganda by dictators during times of conflict. Repressive governments, like the Ethiopian regime, have also used disinformation to fuel social conflicts and civil war. The AMN was established in response to these challenges, aiming to provide credible and truthful information to the Horn of Africa and Tigrayan communities residing in the US and around the world. AMN was informally created in March 2020 and officially registered as a media outlet in September 2020.




The media network, known as Axumawian Media Network (AMN), derives its name from the esteemed Axumite kingdom/empire, reflecting its economic, social, and political civilization. The Axumite Kingdom held significant influence both in Africa and globally. Beyond political and economic advancements, now the people of TIGRAY, by then Axumawian were recognized for their refined social networking and communication skills. Notably, they embraced religious tolerance and the acceptance of diverse beliefs and perspectives. The choice of the name AMN emphasizes the importance of preserving and perpetuating the advancements and civilized values of the Axumite Kingdom in the present day. AMN is committed to upholding these values without bias or discrimination. We believe Restoring Tigray (Axum) civilization is maintaining sustainable peace and stability in the Horn of Africa!


The Axumawian Media Network aims to inform and educate the public about Tigray, an African nation, covering its history, politics, socioeconomic conditions, as well as the origins and progression of the ongoing genocidal war. Additionally, AMN strives to combat misinformation and disinformation worldwide while promoting peace.


AMN aspires to be recognized as a leading and trustworthy media outlet in the Horn of Africa and beyond by the year 2028 E.C. (2020 Axumawian calendar).


  1. Promote Tigray-centered democracy and economic development.
  2. Foster societal integration and unity in all aspects.
  3. Encourage tolerance and respect for diverse opinions, ideas, and ideologies.
  4. Address human rights violations and uphold democratic principles.
  5. Combat lawlessness and unacceptable moral practices.
  6. Increase awareness and accessibility of Tigrayan cultures and values to a wider African and global audience.
  7. Utilize advanced communication technologies to deliver educational and entertaining programs tailored to the American diaspora.


1. Justice/integrity

2. Transparency & Accountability

3. Guidelines-based relationship

4. Truthfulness

5. Credibility

6. Fairness

7. Diversity

8. Egalitarianism